We’re ITC Service Group, Nice to Meet You!

an introduction to the site and the company that put it all together

Who is ITC Service Group?

ITC Service Group (“ITC”) is a full service provider of qualified personnel and managed services to the IT, Telecom and CATV industries for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of wireless and wireline communications networks worldwide.

What is FiberJobs.com?

FiberJobs.com is a hub for broadband and fiber professionals to express an interest in current and future positions around the country, and stay informed on ITC fiber announcements. Many of the professionals and technicians we hire have experience in: installation, fiber, internet, cable, coax, Cat5, CATV, and/or wall fishing.

Sounds good to me! How and where do I sign up for more information?

Create a FiberJobs.com profile with all the basics:
  • Tell us about yourself- How do we contact you when we come to your city?
  • What are you interested in? Tell us what positions you are interested in.
  • Brag about your skills- Complete a short questionnaire of your experience.
  • Hear about jobs first- Submit your profile, review openings, and stay tuned for updates.
What if I have questions?
Call us at: (877) 370-4482
Email us at: support@fiberjobs.com